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Bits Capstan Capstan Engineroom


Outfitting design is related to the required arrangements and detail drawings for operational equipment, machinery, and hardware. Each piece of equipment is incorporated into its foundation or surrounding structure. Arrangements and detail drawings for operational equipment, machinery, and hardware will be generated to the required level of detailing. ADG ensures that an efficient and pactical layout of any engine room and technical spaces is part of our sensible design and layout.


As the back bone of a properly functioning vessel, it is imperative that the mechanical systems are properly designed, reliable, and readily serviceable. Some of our mechancial systems are the following:

Power Generation & Auxiliary Machinery
Propulsion, Transmission & Drivelines
HVAC System Integration
Fire Extinguishing Systems
Vessel Control, Trim & Stabilizer Installation
Steering, Bowthruster, & Hydraulic Systems
Anchoring and Mooring Management
Lifting Equipment, Cranes & Davits

In additon to this, we can provide onsite installation support for your next project. Using the latest technology in marine systems, ADG Engineering can ensure your next marine system installation is a success.