ADG Engineering, LLC

Pipe Assembly
Piping systems is required to ensure that the vessel or offshore sturcture is habitable and functional at sea. In order to accomplish this, the engineering process starts with system schematics which is used to provide schematic illustrations of actual working systems. All schematics are calculated and verified in compliance with piping diameter, wall thickness and pump capacity standards, as well as other relevant criteria, such as regulatory and Flag authority regulations. As a next step in the piping system design process, piping diagrams and arrangements are completed to ensure proper Bill of Materials and component locations to aid in the construction or repair of a vessel. Additional details can be provided to support our client's requirements such as isometric and/or spool drawings.

Piping Schematics
The schematics show the global routing of the pipelines and all of the used valves, reducers, penetrations, filters, pumps, tanks, machinery tie in, etc. In addition to global routing, a material schedule is delivered.

Piping Diagram & Arrangement
The piping diagram is a single line representation that contains the main piping layout throughout the vessel. The exact routing can be determined via field route. Together with these drawings a preliminary bill of material is delivered. Once a piping diagram is completed, a 2D or 3D piping arrangement can be developed to ensure more reliable pipe routing as well as bills of materials. Bills of Materials can be customized to include purchasing codes for the contractor/ship yard purchasing department.

Isometric Schedule
Isometric drawings can be generated for a complete system or just a part, depending on size or/and complexity. All pipe lengths are specified, along with a list of the applied fittings.

Spool Drawings
Focusing on pre assembly, these drawings contain detailed information and is used to expedite production.