ADG Engineering, LLC

ADG Engineering has the ability to provide administration services of even the most complex projects. Our project managers have the responsibilities of creating clear and attainable objectives, building to the project requirements, maintaining budgets, and managing the the cost, time, and scope. Our project managers work as if they are the full time employee of the client and works towards the client's best interest. We ensure that our project managers will adapt to the various internal procedures of the contracting party. ADG Engineering's project managers understand the complexities involved in any one project. Some of our project management services include the following:

General Project Planning
Maintain Contract Scope of Work
Identify the Deliverables
Develop the Ship Work Breakdown Structure (SWBS)
Estimate the Resource Requirements
Estimate Time and Cost
Develop the Technical Scope of Work for the Client
Identify the Activities Needed to Complete Deliverables
Assemble Logical Sequence
Develop the Schedule
Develop the Budget