ADG Engineering, LLC

Weight Estimate
A detailed weight report is prepared to determine the weight and CG location of a vessel or fully outfitted module. During the design, engineering and building of the marine vessel or fully outfitted module, the weight calculation is constantly managed and updated. This living document is an essential report that is is available to all relevant parties during the full process.

Tanks and Loading Conditions
Tank capacities will be drawn into a plan showing the positions and capacities of each tank. To satisfy the client's requirements, hydrostatic software can be used to determine the accurate loading as well as tank's impact on the stability of the marine vessel.

Stability and Hydrostatics
The stability criteria set forth by regulatory body, flag state and/or other national authorities are checked against the vessel's loading conditions. Hydrostatic calculation software is used to confirm that the stability criteria are met.

Load line and Tonnage Calculations
Load line length and registered tonnage (both gross and net) define the category of the vessel. 3D modeling software is used to determine the enclosed volumes of hull and superstructure for tonnage.

Inclining Test
As an important part of vessel performance, displacement, LCG, and VCG are determined by the inclining experiment. The incline experiment is completed in accordance with ASTM F1321. Using digital measuring devices, the healing angle can be measured in various loading conditions. This data will be used as inputs into the stability analysis.